Goodbye time-tracking headaches

People with problems that require solving just like you graciously responded to an interview dialogue and told us how XPunch takes away their headaches.

Participants responded to a series of survey questions and kindly gave us permission to publish their comments.

Here's what they wrote:

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Sophia Williams
“I work in a small boutique, and my hours can vary quite a bit from day to day based on staffing needs. At first, we just used XPunch to track time; however, our manager eventually asked us to track the time we spent on various activities. This included preparing products, placing them on the shelves, cash and responding to customers online. We eventually discovered that we had a problem we weren't even aware of. The reports from XPunch showed our manager that we were spending far more time than she thought we were on preparing the product. This means we couldn't service customers efficiently. Our manager changed how we receive products, which increased our availability for essential things like... interacting with customers!”